Meet Reggie Gardner

Mr. Reginald Gardner worked at NASA as a communication specialist. For the past 12 years, he learned and was trained in excellence when performing mission-critical jobs in the space program.

While at NASA, Mr. Reggie Gardner assisted Engineers in building software programs to support training, configured equipment and hardware in the SVMF Facility for Astronaut training, and troubleshoot and repair electronics, mechanical components, and hardware for the Space Shuttle and Space Station Mockups. Mr. Reginald Gardner's knowledge and experience at NASA pursuing excellence gave Reggie the entrepreneurial spirit, ethics, and drive for this venture to succeed.

His continual pursuit of excellence gave Reggie Gardner the management skills needed as well as insight into hiring people with the same mindset of excellence and the pursuit of perfection as found in NASA. This mindset will give WORLD MODEL HUNT the cutting edge and the competitive advantage to thrive. This spirit of pursuing excellence and perfection that was built into Reggie drove him to ultimately create WORLD MODEL HUNT.

Achievements and Accomplishments



Certificate of Appreciation for The Transformation of The International Space Station (ISS) to Six-Person Crew Capabilities


Awarded for Outstanding Professionalism Performance and Teamwork


Public Service Group Achievement Award -2006 Raytheon Six Sigma Specialist Qualification


Employee of The Month: For Outstanding Professionalism Performance and Teamwork


Employee of The Month: For Excellence in Performance Teamwork and Safety


Texas Southern University. Majored in Telecommunications; Minored in Electronics


Manager/Lead Field Installation Technician: Karl Storz Endoscope: project at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda, MD; 5-million-dollar project. MD Anderson Cancer Center – Media Service Department

Worked with various Hip-Hop/R&B artists/producers:

RBX (DeathRow Records), CandyMan, Kiotti, Billy Cook, DaGoldenChild, Marq-La, BigBoo, Psyco Sid, Hardattak, Dedd Tho, Texas Most Wanted, Pain Killa, Cle'che, Marlin Demby, Gene Bogany, Rakesh, TLee.

Produced and directed projects:

Produced and Co-directed projects with Mr. BoomTown (Director/Producer)


for the movie "Hyphen"

Executive Producer/ Co-Director - Music Video

DaGoldenChild - "Gametime"