Bangladesh: A Sheer Delicacy


Shaina-AminThe woman of Vanga (Bangladesh) has a body soft and delicate as a flower; she is coquettish and volatile; she delights in kissing and embracing, at the same time that she hates being roughly or cruelly handled, and she has little desire for Congress.” chapter 5 of the Anaga Rana describes the women of Bangladesh.

And although this gives a rough idea of the sheer delicacy the women of this country are, it falls short of the complete notion that makes the Bangladeshi beauty. And so does the Internet. It was surprising to come across not one article that dedicates itself entirely to praise this incredibly marvelous beauty.

This article on WHAT MAKES BANGLADESHI MEN AND WOMEN SO ENCHANTING is an attempt to do grace to Bangladesh, a gesture that was long overdue.

  1. ALMOND SHAPED MAGICAL EYES: The people of this country are blessed with a pair of big eyes, black or brown in color that stretch upwards. These elegant eyes are so big that you will be automatically intrigued towards them.
  2. THAT GOLDEN SKIN: Their skin texture is amazing because of their food habits. (Usually, sea food is good for skin, unless you are allergic). Bangladeshis usually have a tan or a very light brown color. Some do have a more tanned yellow skin.
  3. ROUND FACE: The typical Bangladeshi face is usually round, a bit heavy and speaks of innocence and doll-like features.
  4. FULL FEATURES: It’s not just their eyes, Bangladesh is known to have people with full shaped lips, cheeks, nose, eyebrows. Their bodies reflect full curves and a healthy glow.
  5. POINTED NOSE: Although they have a round healthy look to their face, these people are blessed with a feature that gives their innocent look a voluptuous tinge.
  6. HIGH CHEEKBONES: The healthy doll-like face is a gift of those edgy cheekbones.
  7. DARK HAIR: They have healthy and shiny dark brown or stark black hair that complete the look and add to their charm.
  8. ENIGMATIC SMILE: A deep smile that speaks volumes of a heart that is filled with joy and overpowered with emotions.
  9. EXOTIC FEATURES: These people have a certain enigmatic charm to their appearance that gives them an exotic look. It can be because of their deep eyes, the healthy tan or that gorgeous smile.

In all, the Bangladeshi beauty can be summed up as having sharp features and big eyes. Their genes carry good skin and hair quality. A woman’s beauty is measured by her deep eyes and a big smile. Bangladesh girls have both and so people call them beautiful.

Shaina Amin, JannatulNayeem Avril Shomi Kaiser, Aupee Karim, Asif Azim, Adil Hossain Nobel, Niloy Alamgir are some of those pretty faces that have worked really hard to make up to the list of the Bangladesh’s most successful fashion models. They are more than just a pretty face to admire. The level of dedication and discipline that goes into making such supermodels is enormous.

However, apart from the very essential determination and hard work, the credit of making these beautiful faces what they are today must also go to the country itself. Despite Bangladesh being a newly born, Muslim majority country, it has been extremely encouraging and supportive of its models sensuously walking the runway, becoming the face of brands, molding them into a wide range of roles in the glamorous world of fashion and style. The country is gearing towards being a fashion icon. Bangladesh is the latest entry in Asia’s top model hunting platform Asia Model Festival, and is getting ready for this year’s biggest modeling and fashion event in the country through the platform ‘Face of Bangladesh’.

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