Andrea Serna“Why are Colombians so breathtakingly gorgeous? What is the secret to Colombian beauty? What do they do?”

The answer is – There is no secret and they do not have to do anything to make themselves beautiful. This is certainly because Colombians already fit the modern perception of beauty. Colombians have been winning various beauty pageants of the world. Many are naturally beautiful without doing anything. They have blond, brown, red, and auburn hair, and a large percentage has thick straight black hair with eyes that vary from black to honey colored, blessed with beautiful skin tones of brown, light reddish brown, light brown, olive, and white and in Colombia, you will find beauty for all tastes. Which is true if one looks into the long yet varied list of Colombian supermodels like Sofia Vergara, Andrea Serna, Paola Turbay, Fabian Reos, Rafael Novoa, Manolo Cardona and there is no wonder that people can’t help asking “What goes into making the Colombian beauty?”


Colombians grow up with this ingrained idea that you have to look good and the competition among them is so fierce that everyone wants to be the best-looking where they go. So even while going for grocery shopping in Colombia, you wear heels, fashionable clothes instead of walking around in shorts and slippers… it’s a cultural thing.


Colombians are genetically blessed with excellent proportionate bone structure longer head shape accentuated by slim flat midsections, and most women possess narrow shoulders, slimmer waists and beautifully curved full hips and strong jawline of a runway model along with small nose, lips, long eyelashes and full breasts.


The equatorial sun of the Southern Hemisphere, Colombia greatly enhances the nutritional quality of food. They prefer fruits, coffee and juice over soda and eat very few fried foods. The natural diet is low in fat, sodium and processed and thus their exposure toxins is quite low.


With a healthy lifestyle and nutritious eating habits, Colombians are very health conscious. The number of smokers is much lower than in the western world. The women, as a whole, do not drink excessively.


For the most reasons Colombians already have fitter bodies naturally and thus they do not feel the need to diet under social pressure. They are already in tune with healthier, unadulterated lifestyle and that gives them an edge over people from countries other than Colombia.


The mainland Colombians have an average skin tone that isn’t too white which means they have more pigment than the average Caucasian and this provides them anti-aging protection from the Sun. Hence, they will generally have fewer wrinkles and freckles than a light-skinned counterpart. And often appear younger than they are.


Colombians have enjoyed clean water and food under the equatorial sun for many generations whereas the western food supply has been corrupted with cancer-causing GMO’s, Glyphosate, Aluminum oxides from chemtrailing, Mercury from industrial processes, and radiation.


Colombians take it to another level when it comes to embracing beauty products, fashion, and style. There’s fierce competition and a spirit to drive others out of the competition.

The women typically wear exotic, flattering, feminine dress in beautiful pastel shades like a blouse, firm fitting slacks and either heels or heeled boots.


Colombian women are extremely feminine in behavior and appearance. Colombian women pay extreme attention to details and wear the attractive/elegant outfit (skirts and dresses, high heels etc). For them, feminine is beautiful which is true taking into consideration the standard beauty ideals of the fashion world. Colombians prefer proportionate toned women rather than muscular bodybuilders with little body fat.

With such enormous pool of aesthetic asset, Colombia is bound to be the fashion capital of Latin America. And while every other nation is harping upon the development of the conventional sectors, it is great news that Colombia, the fourth-largest country in South America, is rightly taking on the title of being the fashion centerof Latin America, creating a myriad of employment opportunities for designers, producers, and fashion models. For the past decade, various fashion events have been taking the country’s economy to a boom. The first event, which kicks off the year for the fashion industry, is Colombiatex and the other Colombiamoda, held every July, focuses onfinished apparel. The latter’s 2014 edition generated a record $308 million in business orders. The emerging designers put together events to support young and established models in Colombia and it is amazing.It is something the city really needed. And with Latin Curated hitting the country now, emerging models are getting the push for establishing themselves in the industry. Latin Curated is a platform bringing luxury brands from Latin America under a pop-up store. One-part retail space and one-part showroom, the goal of the platform are to introduce Latin American designers and models not only to the U.S. market but to boost their overall international exposure. These years show great promise for the future of the Colombian fashion industry. The models are incredible, they truly represent the style and need of the industry at this crucial hour, all supremely talented, are young, with a refreshing outlook – hardworking and are showing great promise.

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