Germany: Keeping It Beautiful Yet Natural


Germany ModelsOne night while dreaming, I came across some beautiful women bustling down the streets and it reminded me of the verse from Ellen Herrick’s The Sparrow sisters

“The girls seemed unconcerned and went about their days, each as lovely in their own way as the flowers they tended. Sorrel’s black hair became streaked with premature white, which gave her an exotic air, although the elegance was somewhat ruined by the muddy jeans and shorts she practically lived in…… They left their hair natural. Let their fuzz grow. Left the makeup in the bag. Wore comfortable clothes. They paid absolutely no attention to it or to much else about their appearance, nor did they have to.”― surprised at the simplicity of beauty, I knew, at once it was Germany.

Because they match an international beauty ideal. Blond, very tall, blue-eyed, very fair skin, more than half of the women in Germany do not wear Makeup and do not style their hair, nails, wear no dresses, no high heels, whatever.  In fact, they focus more on improvising on their skills rather than constantly worrying about how pretty they are.

The same can be said about the men of the country with utmost certainty. They, just like their female counterparts prefer to keep it simple yet charismatic. They are skilled at striking a balance between styling and maintaining the natural predispositions of the human body. They believe that being natural is incredibly empowering because it’s just who you are. You are embracing things about you from head to toes, and although they seem to be in awe of the natural beauty and think it’s ones best look they nonetheless believe that makeup is transformative, no different from and any less important than clothes and accessories that work wonders to enhance and embellish ourselves.

Here’s a look into what makes Germans this damn confident about themselves:-


Germans belong to the tallest on this planet and have an extremely high percentage of being natural blond and blue-eyed. And that is actually what international beauty market wants.

Light and Shallow Makeup

Heidi KlumMost Germans prefer to look polished but natural. The commonly seen makeup is a subtle layer of foundation, a touch of blush or lip gloss and eye makeup.

Natural Skin Care

When it comes to makeup, models don’t go fancy they instead like to get the basics right. Most skin care routines are very basic and don’t involve a million products: cleansing, moisturizing, using face masks.

Organic Cosmetic

Germans understand how natural ingredients are much better for their skin.

What makes Germany worthy of teaching the world a lesson or two is that it celebrates itself and sets its own beauty standards rather than letting the world dictate the terms.

Germany, for the most part, considers its population’s average physical features as the standard ideal type. Being contented and confident in their skin, most Germans prefer comfort over fashion and admire girls in the casual outfit which might mean combining jeans and sneakers. Even women who dress in a more stylish or elegant way will usually not sacrifice comfort for fashion. The importance of health and well-being is such that skin that is not pale but tanned is seen as desirable. In Germany an element of imperfection or naturalness is really important, so a sporty tomboyish kind of beauty is seen as more attractive than the perfect from top to toe look (especially if it looks like something is fake or as if the person is trying too hard). For men it’s usually a good jawline and cheekbones, groomed but also slightly rugged.

And so to attest to their theory of natural beauty we have supermodels like Heidi Klum, Claudia Schiffer, Lena Gercke, Julia Stegner, Andre Hamann, Johnnas Hubei, Eugen Bauder, Patrick Schutz. Heidi Klum has been making news for being considered unfit or not-so-skinny to do a runway walk, adding yet another example to the industry’s venture of promoting unhealthy body images to women and ignoring well-documented health problems experienced by models. Nevertheless, the sunny part of the glamour world is buzzing with the French government banning super skinny models by voting through a law that requires models to have a medical certificate confirming they are not dangerously underweight. The effect of which is anticipated to spread across Europe. Germany, in particular has been seen to be quite receptive of the ideal set forth by France as an effect of which model and activist Tess holiday; barrier-breaking size 22, 5’5″, body-positivity activist known for fighting fashion industry standards was invited to Germany to walk in five different shows [at Plus Size Fashion Days in Hamburg] — which is incredible because she has never been part of a German fashion week. Germany is on its path of setting a precedent to the world. It lives by the principle that the industry isn’t always glamorous and fabulous. It’s about encouraging people to go back to natural beauty. Letting their natural beauty shine. Essentially being happy with our appearance.

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