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“My Indonesian wife is the most beautiful woman I’ve ever met. Not only from the outside but also from the inside. She has beautiful mesmerizing eyes, lovely smile, taller than most Asian and also fair skin. I think it’s easy to find pretty women in Indonesia. They rarely use make-up (my wife never use any) but they look pretty.”  Are the words of RahmatFadhilufAtif, an Indonesian fashion stylist who claims to have toured the world and not encounter any woman as beautiful as his wife. I’m sure this does look like every other Quora thread but when something like this comes from a man who is married for 18 years, surrounded by gorgeous models from around the globe. I dare to say- he meant it.

Such is the charm of Indonesians. Even the men of this country have been famous for making a friend’s trip to Indonesia not something she’ll be able to forget. “Nice guys who were both welcoming and helpful. I found a number of them to be exotic looking and quite handsome, too, and definitely enjoyed photographing them.” As she entails her experience, gushing over what makes Indonesians a well-thought beauty.


Indonesians are the most beautiful in Asia and in the world because their look is a mix of Asian and Europen culture. One can find here all kind the beauty like mixed Caucasian-Middle Eastern, India look, Oriental, Latino, sexy golden-brown skinned, and Negroid, etc.


agnez-moIndonesia is heaven on earth because of the diversity in tribal ethnicities that one can find from white, yellow/olive, brown to black skins, brown eyes, black hair. Indonesia has more than 300 ethnicities and thousands of cultures. They are totally different compared to other countries that has similar looking people with uniform features. Every ethnicity has its own characteristics that make them different, for the example, their accent, the way they talk and their appearance.


Average height is about 147cm of females and 158 cm, which makes them cute. There are many blends of ethnicities, Javanese, Chinese, Balinese etc. On average Indonesians have a darker skin, long black hair larger brown eyes, thicker eyebrows, a small nose and a fantastic smile. Most of them have fit body, youthful look, and the women are curvaceous rather than the average thin Asian standard body.


Indonesia has many beautiful girls. Their skin is not too white and not too dark! The skin color is just awesome, Yellowish and glowing, others having a natural tan.


Joe Taslim - Indonesian Male ModelIndonesians are all naturally beautiful and don’t feel the need to change their appearance or color their hair, or brighten their skin tone or go for bizarre piercing, a trend in the Western world. They are blessed with natural big eyes, a unique exotic gold/yellow/olive skin and yellow-complexion skin that is not too pale and white yet bright. The women are so pretty naturally without makeup and so they don’t feel the need for it.


It is very rare for Indonesians to go under the knife, with big brown eyes, real double eyelid, healthy glow yellow-olive skin, jet black hair, baby face, and curvy body and love to preserve their distinct identity. They believe that naturally blessed beauty is more attractive than any other plastic surgery work. Indonesians embrace their bodies with such grace that it radiates on their outer self. The way they walk, the way they talk, the way they carry themselves, is so beautifully incredible that it makes every man desire them and every other woman envy them.

And being the world’s most populous Muslim country, Indonesia has a high demand for clothing that adheres to religious rules emphasizing modesty for women. The Muslim textile industry although evolving into a more fashionable one still needs to adhere to the traditions and beliefs of earlier generations and thus, although models are seen to be vivaciously walking down the runway, they still need to set style that is in sync with the Muslim culture.  Headdresses are compulsory in any case and outfits should not be tight or see-through, and although the white feminism regards hijab as oppressive, the Indonesians see it as incredibly powerful,

And this is where we need to sing highly of the Indonesian models. It is because of them that the typical Muslim attire is perceived by many as a sign of beauty and strength, as opposed to a sign of oppression and dependence. They have been successful in defining a woman’s presence with power and style. Luna Maya.

Ayu Gani, Agnez Mo, Patricia Gunawan, Joe Taslim, Nicholas Saputra, FauziBaadila, Rio Dewanto are some of the most successful Indonesian models working hard to create a trend that is both fashionable and traditional.

Indonesia aims to be the global leader in the Muslim fashion industry that is worth nearly $100 billion by some estimates, generating a plethora of fashion opportunities for young models. These young and beautiful men and women can be seen as setting the trend and making Indonesia the capital of Muslim fashion.

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