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March Issue - 2019

“Sweating it out for hours at the gym is what is expected of you but how do you expect people to believe it unless they see it?” Engaging your mind and body is the new goal and that can be achieved by turning on your beast mode to reach your full potential. If you are a fitness freak, this month’s issue of World Model Hunt has a lot in store to quench your hunger for fitness. How about turning the hours at the gym into an influential career, you might need more than just a body to become a fitness model, find all about it in the March issue.


March cover

What is contains

Cover Model - Rio Marcantonio

Gracing our cover this month Rio is pretty excited about her new experience. Making her body as a canvas which has an eclectic collection of tattoos capturing not only art but signifying special memories, Rio has a hard time choosing which one is her most favorite of them all. Our tatted beauty believes in marching to the beat of her own drums and is all about breaking stereotypes. Apart from being a very talented model she is also a pro kickboxer and a milestone she aims at achieving in that field is to have an immature fight one day.

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