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April Issue - 2019

“Is the planet that you live in worth less than a few double taps on a virtual platform? Will the virtual world provide you a home when you destroy the one you live in right now?”

Make this April all about conscious choices and subtle changes to help save the environment. Who knew you cutting down on your expenses would also prevent the cutting down of trees. Find out how you can save the earth in style, tips on how to up-cycle your wardrobe and making sure your new Dad sneakers do not leave a carbon footprint with our April issue of World Model Hunt.


Cover April

What is contains

Cover Model - Makayla Rogerson

Featuring our cover in the month of April we have a very outgoing and creative personality. In addition to being a model she also owns her very own modeling agency where she aims at coaching the fresh faces and believes in building up one another. She admires Tyra Banks whom she venerates because she represents women empowerment, diversity and dedication. A strong believer of the fact that today is all we have, Live today as if there were no tomorrow.
Be true to yourself.
These are the words Makayla lives by.


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