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June Issue - 2019

June Edition of WMH magazine focusses on the disabilities and the people who are fighting them. On the cover for the first time is a newbie model from India. Samruddhi Nikam. She shares her the story of being disabled and yet trying to make in the modeling world. Her disability is incurable. WMH Decides to Launch a foundation to help such disabled people.


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What is contains

Cover Model - Samruddhi Nikam

My name is Samruddhi Nikam (nick name is Mona). I am 24-year-of age and presently partially sighted. I have done my bachelor’s in food science and Quality Control. Later completed a graduate certificate in Public Health from Monash University Australia. I am a Maharashtrian from India. Singing, cooking, travelling, taking care of animals and counselling people are some of my interests. I believe in trying first and then becoming sad, instead of not trying at all and thinking about it.
I was born a healthy child but later in life at the age of 12 I was diagnosed with Stargardt macular degeneration. It is a retinal disorder which leads to progressive vision loss. Though doctors say that most individuals end up with low vision and its very rare for people to become complete blind. I cannot read normal fonts, cannot really drive, cannot read books, cannot recognize people from a distance, but yes, I can recognize the soul..


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