Snejana Onopka ModelsWhen US VP Joe Biden visited Ukraine on a diplomatic mission in early January 2017, he couldn’t resist gushing over the aesthetic pleasure the country greeted him with “You have so many beautiful women.” were his words of appreciation to the Ukrainian president. One thing is sure, No man high or low, king or slave, rich or poor has ever escaped from the spell of Ukrainian beauty.

The nation is considered to have some of the most beautiful women in the world. And this is why there has never been a shortage of models when it comes to Ukraine.  The proof is on the runway, from veterans like Kiev-native Irina Kravchenko, who walks every show come fashion month, to Dior-favoriteAllaKostromichova to Snejana Onopka, who is something of a Steven Meisel–lensed hometown hero.

Now you can hardly meet a man who hasn’t fallen prey to the Ukrainian charm, all curious about the perennial question– “What makes these women so stunning?

And although the phenomenon of Ukrainian beauty is a matter of world interest, no one ever has been able to give a scientific explanation to it. We nonetheless, have tried to come up with plausible answers to the subject that excites many and might inspire much more.

    1. IT’S ALL ABOUT HEALTHY LIFESTYLE: Ukrainians are proof that healthy and primary lifestyle amount to better skin, body and mind. These people prefer to have home-made food that is fresh and healthy. They walk a lot to avail public transport and attend gyms to keep their body in shape. Proper eating habits and an active lifestyle is their secret key to a balanced figure.

    1. DIVERSE POOL OF GENES:History tells us that in different times ethnic Ukrainians and their lands were invaded by powers of Khazars, Mongols, Poles, Lithuanians, Turks, Russians.The scientists’ conclusion is: “When nations are mixed, people become more beautiful due to genetic changes.” Their thicker skin delays wrinkles and photoaging.
    2. GOOD CLOTHES AND MAKEUP: This is another factor that makes Ukrainian women so attractive. The ladies make sure to pair pretty dresses with high heels wherever they can in contrast to western women who prefer to sport casual clothes. This not only gives them a good modeling practice but also makes them look more feminine-a quality that most women have lost.
    3. VIBRANCE AND LIVELINESS: Ukrainians are inclined towards vibrant lifestyle, colors and prefer to remain joyous and carefree which impacts their choice when it comes to clothes and shopping. Most Ukrainian women prefer colorful and bright clothes and that makes them stand out in the crowd.

  1. CLIMATIC CONDITIONS: Living in a warmer climate, sunbathing makes Ukrainians more vivacious, cheerful, socially confident than other Slavs who prefer to remain indoors and get accustomed to the colder lifestyle. Ukrainians thus move around in fashionable clothes and keep themselves fit and body confident.

    And like we said before, there is no scientific evidence that these reasons are all that go into making the Ukrainian beauty, one can still learn from Ukrainians a thing or two about maintaining a lifestyle of beauty.

    Speaking of lessons from Ukraine, its fashion industry has always been keen to depict the socio-cultural nuances of the country, from models being made to wear bald-silicon caps (to empathise with cancer patients), to dressing up in military look (to show support for the war-scarred eastern Ukraine). Ukrainedoes wonders in creating a sense of belonging within the country and all of it is great news as long as it is leading the country to employment generation.

    A similar trend seems to have picked fire again. Ukraine’s pro-democratic revolution has been searching for new sources of national pride. For the fashion world it’s all about Made-in- Ukraine, a grassroots movement comprised of local designers and fashion models, helping to meet the needs of the patriotic young who want to shop local. This is great because it has been able to absorb a great pool of Ukrainian men and women to model for these locally produced apparels.  This move is expected to provide these models international exposure and can work to bring them closer to the west.

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