Dayana MendozaIt has often been said, although wittingly, that when Prince wrote the song “The most beautiful girl in the world” in 1994, he must have been standing in the middle of Venezuela, and scribbled what he saw all around. This is because Venezuela is the country with the most beautiful women in the world. Captivating and graceful, women here have enamored the entire world not just with their beauty but also talent and determination. Beautiful Venezuelan women are known as a complete package of intelligent mind, a toned body, sexy looks, and a well-structured face which accounts for the country’s unbeatable count of supermodels like Dayana Mendoza, Dominika van Santen, Irene Esser, Stefania Fernandez in females and Santiago Cabrera, Raul Olivo, Leonardo corridor.

Many might claim this fact as an assertive gross generalization, and thus delving into facts and numbers becomes important.

Venezuela holds the extremely noteworthy position of giving to the world the maximum number of beauty pageant winners. The country has won seven Miss Universe titles, six Miss World titles, seven Miss International titles and two Miss Earth titles— branding a record in the beauty pageant history.

So what is it? A sheer coincidence or is it because of Venezuela itself? Let’s find out.

  1. Dayana MendozaMixed race, pretty face; Venezuelans are exotic – Individuals of mixed descent and racial diversity are found to have better physical features and Venezuela, being a melting pot of different nationalities produces many interesting and unique offspring. Running in their veins are Spanish, German, Portuguese, Italian, Arab and native South American blood. Those are already beautiful genes in their own right, but in Venezuela, these bloodlines have mixed to create an interesting, unique and exotic look.
  2. Beach and the Sun tan: Around 73 percent Venezuelans live within 100 kilometers from the nearest beach. The people are constantly motivated to look good and have a sexy body that can be flaunted proudly at the beach and meanwhile gain an impressive bronze tan.
  3. Aesthetic surroundings: Venezuela is known for the beautiful landscapes. As a result of that Venezuelans live in an environment that is pleasing to the eye and they thus vie to reflect similar values, developing a desire to look beautiful and serene quite early in life.
  4. Happiness and Contentment: Venezuelans are generally happy with their lives. In a survey by an international poll body to rate the happiest people on Earth, more than half of all Venezuelans said that they were indeed very happy with their lives. Obviously, this happiness radiates to an outer glow seen in their people’s beauty.
  5. The crown craze: Venezuelans are mad keen on beauty pageant like Miss Venezuela and the social pressure builds competitive tendencies in children. As a result young boys and girls participate in various crowning events and are continuously groomed for speech, physical fitness, make-up, modeling, and all the other skills required for the competition. Plastic surgery and cosmetic dentistry is optional yet quite cheap and thus commonplace.

Raul-olivoAlthough all the points mentioned above give us plenty of reasons to relish the possibility of countless girls and boys building themselves into supermodels, a lot can’t be said about the future when the present itself is insecure. The political situation of Venezuela is in a turmoil. The instability has far-reaching consequences that have adeptly affected the fashion industry. An invasion of clothing and textiles from Asia and other countries in South America has blown the country’s textile industry away and the state is doing nothing to stop it, severely affecting the fashion industry as Venezuelan models struggle to find contracts from the industry that is itself drowning. The state has also failed to invest or promote spending to modernize the industry. There’s high demand for apparels but there has been no new investment or jobs created in a long time says Maria Osorio, Executive Director for Venezuelan Apparel Chamber. The Industry is going to disappear little by little. To make worse things worst, the state has clamped down on various commercial advertising agencies and that has further exacerbated the situation as the agencies witness the biggest talent exodus. Nevertheless, Venezuela is still keeping hope for a beautiful tomorrow, of carrying forward its legacy of being a beauty that breaks records.

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